RunClick Webinar Review

Vendor: Walt Bayliss
RunClick Webinar Review With Bonus
Product: RunClick Webinar Software
Launch Date: 2014–08–06
The Sales Funnel
Front End product the runclick webinar plugin is $97 (Multiple site license)
Upsell one $67 to Developers License
Upsell (OTO2) Is a Professionally designed set of landing pages and Webinar presentation pages forRunclick at $97 (or $67 smaller pack)
Recurring Payments One Fee. Lifetime Use.
Niche: WordPress Plugin.
Who can benefit from Runclick Webinar Software. Everyone who wants to increase their profit from webinars.


RunClick Webinar Review With Bonus

RunClick Webinar Software is a self-hosted application in the form of a WP PLUGIN that turns Google Hangouts into your own private webinar service, you can run as often as you want to as many people as you want. Being able to grow your list at the same time, is a great bonus, because it integrates with all the major auto responders. That means with one click when you set up your webinar it will automatically remind all attendees. No need to make a note on your Google calendar to send out a reminder an hour in advance.

Back in the day, when webinar technology first began the conventional webinar software such as Go to meeting was affordable at $97 a month, today it is nearly $500 a month. That effectively puts it out of range of most newbie internet marketers. In fact I know, many professional Internet marketers don’t want to lose $500 a month.

With RunClick Webinar Software, You can use Google Hangouts easily and affordably, because you have absolutely no monthly fees. Another beauty is the fact that you can have unlimited attendees whilst GoToMeeting actually restricts the number to 500. This gives you the opportunity for more Internet marketing  exposure without any hidden extra costs which can only lead to more sales and greater profits. All in all Runclick webinar software is a win-win situation.

Google Hangouts are a real cool place to get your message across. Barrack Obama has been known to use them and if it’s good enough for him as the President of the United States and I guess it’s okay for an Internet marketer as well.


Whats a Google Hangout

A Hangout is a method of getting together with a group of your friends and chatting via messages or video. Without Runclick Webinar plugin though restrictions do apply: for a video Hangout you can connect 10 people and with messaging you can connect up to 100 people inside your Gmail account.

Hangouts on Air is a feature inside of your Google+ account. It allows you to create videos and video chat with people on all of your devices. There are some guidelines you will need to follow
to set this up so you and your friends can use Hangouts together.

When having a conversation in Hangouts the person who is talking will be shown on the screen.When someone new joins in the screen will flip to that person. This makes Hangouts extremely
user friendly and interactive, which is just why they are becoming so popular. Plus the fact that you can use Apps, document sharing, YouTube sharing and screen sharing.

So you can see the benefits of hosting hangouts for your business. one of the benefits of hosting a hangout is when it comes to search engine results.

Remember that Hangouts is a Google innovation and your Hangouts will be viewed kindly by Google. Plus creating videos has been shown to help improve your organic search results.

In addition to this utilizing a Hangout allows you to be creative in new ways and allows you to interact with your customers, regardless of their location. When used correctly Hangouts can
add that personal touch back to your business, this is one thing that can often be lacking for internet based businesses.

You can also embed your Hangout URL on your website. This will help improve your rankings and provides your site with valuable new content on a regular basis.

But Hangouts are missing a few pieces to make them a serious alternative to webinars. That is what RunClick Webinar Software does.

RunClick Webinar Software gives the pieces of the puzzle that are MISSING from Google hangouts to make this a serious player and a viable alternative to Goto Meeting.

Plug ‘N Play simplicity — setup hangouts in 5 steps from your WordPress dashboard.
Provide Full Registration Facility — Hangouts have been missing the ability to set a date and send registrations to the page – capturing leads. (RunClick integrates with major autoresponders instantly too!)
Provide reminder emails — Send emails to registered event attendees – making sure that the people don’t MISS the hangout – getting more people to the event on time.
Allow Registered Leads To Be Exported — One click into csv files
Maintain complete BRANDING Control — This is massive – because RunClick embeds the hangout into YOUR site, the person is watching via youtube as you live stream the event, but the branding is all controlled by the site. (huge!!)
Follow Up Email System Built In — After the event, send people automatic thank you emails and links to the replay (automatically done by youtube)

Click Here See RunClick Webinar Software in action

Everyone Around the Same Table, Even If They’re 1000s of Miles Apart

Get the brightest minds in your business together. It doesn’t matter if they’re in different offices or even different countries – you can meet up as easily as if they were in the next room.
More Runclick Webinar Software Features :

Easy organisation : Set one central point for everyone to confirm their availability and attendance, rather than chasing everyone down via e-mail

Keep everyone on time : When your attendees are in different buildings (or even different timezones) it’s not uncommon for someone to lose track of time. With RunClick, you can set automatic reminders to go out before the meeting to make sure everyone is on-schedule.

Multiple contributors : Get up to 10 people around your virtual table, all able to contribute – no-one’s forced to sit out as a ‘silent partner’.

Attend using any device : You don’t need any special equipment. In fact, Google Hangouts will work on any device – Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone. Your colleagues can attend from anywhere with an internet connection, making it far easier to organise.

Perfect Records : That moment after you’ve delivered a kick-ass presentation and realise you forgot to hit the record button…With RunClick, that never happens. Your presentations are always recorded, every time.

Easy circulation : With RunClick’s simple e-mail export, you can easily send minutes and any documents to all attendees, so no-one’s ever left out
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Time for Your turn

Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about RunClick Webinar Software and its benefits. The most important thing of all, RunClick Webinar Software has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this plugin

Summary of RunClick Webinar

Unlimited Webinars!Present More – Profit More. More contact with more people is more money in your bank account. Right?
Unlimited Attendees!NO LIMITS On The Number Of People You Can Sell To!
EverGreen Presentations!Drop in ANY Pre-Recorded presentation And Run An Evergreen Funnel
Autoresponder Integration & Built In Lead Capture!As well as integrating the best Autoresponders available. RunClick has it’s own built in lead capture and follow up system
No Expensive Monthly Fees. Ever:One-Time-Only Low Cost Fee

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