Sarah Staar’s Products

Licensed Partner Team

Affiliate training scheme, designed to give affiliates the newest and most profitable training techniques to drive traffic.

List Multiplier

Sarah’s encyclopedia of list building, – how to build a list in any niche, how to become an authority in that niche, how to build a relationship with your list and how to sell to your list by making your list want what you offer.

Outsourcing Power

The big outsourcing secret! How to make 10 times more profits whilst working less than 4 hours per week! All on a shoestring budget!

Video Hacker Pro

Affiliate Formula X

A four-week training programme teaching everything about affiliatemarketing.

Affiliate Tripler

This is a wordpress plugin that enables an affiliate to drop multiple product cookies on a purchasers site whenever it is visited by a customer sent there by an affiliate.

$200 A Day Income Blueprint

Five video course and transcript about how to make review sites for profit and then develop your business by creating your own product.

How To Pay Less Tax

Learn how Dave has turned Sarah Staar Business School into a business with $6.5 million (yes million) of Assets and how we are only paying 10% in Tax.

Income Blueprint Workshop

Recording of a live seminar with talks from experts in their fields of Internet marketing.

Web Traffic Loophole

A product created from a live seminar introducing methods to use to drive traffic by free and paid methods, including the most common traffic mistakes and how to avoid them.

Product Creation Mastermind

How to create a free product of your own to build a list so that you can contact your prospects and buyers again and again.

Beginners Blueprint

A recording of a two day workshop designed to teach the process of  how to make money online, with interviews with Rob Cornish and Mark Lyford.

Marketing Graphics Collection

Twenty one modules of graphics that include every type of graphic that an affiliate marketer needs to make a successful business online including social media graphics and banners.

Get Organized Like A Staar

This course teaches you how to increase your productivity so you can spend more time doing the things that generate you income.

Free Products

How to Sell Affiliate Products

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing showing the basics of the process.

Millionaire Video Interviews

Interviews with Internet marketers including Armand Morin, Brett McFall, John Jonas, Mark Anastasi, Martin Avis, Reed Floren, Chris Freville, Shawn Casey, Mark Vurnum, Paul Elliott, Steve Essa.

Copy and Profit Blueprint

How to investigate and clone your competitor’s traffic campaigns, by spying over their shoulder.

You Tube Hijack

A course designed to leverage free YouTube traffic and overlook at what your competitors are doing to drive their traffic.

Traffic Mastermind

A recording of a live mastermind with traffic experts, including Sarah Staar, Christopher John Payne and Rob Cornish.

37 Best Free Marketing Tools

In this book millionaire Internet marketer Sarah Staar lists the 37 best free Internet marketing tools she couldn’t live without.

101 Ways To Get Free Traffic

In this book millionaire Internet marketer Sarah Staar lists the 101 Ways To Get Free Traffic.

Niche Profit Class

A free series of videos  illustrating how to find the large and profitable niches ensuring that there is money in the niche before starting your campaign.

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