One Click Product displays For Amazon


With the successful growth of visual sites such as Pinterest, it has become increasingly important to produce one click product displays for Amazon and other websites. If fact recently, I have noticed sites which are simply visual.

Making these images can often be a challenge for newbies and I used to avoid it like the plague – it was just too time-consuming. Downloading an image, putting it on my desktop, uploading it to WordPress media etc etc.

The other option, which was to use an image from an external source was simply not worth thinking about. By the time you have messed with the code, because the padding isn’t right between the image in the text,or the text doesn’t wrap properly. It’s quite easy to lose the morning to get two images on a website in the right place. Because it has been so difficult in the past to create visual sites many newbies ignore it as a business model because of the technical challenges.

Now using Easy Product Displays you can have a complete website on which is a free platform in less than 10 minutes. How many websites a day do you think you could make if you could make six every hour. Once I started using easy product displays I quadrupled my affiliate income in less than a week.

Free Website Platforms



You can create five or six websites in an hour in all the free platforms above.That means no hosting fees, no expenses, just instant profit when you can grab your images quickly. . If you do your keyword research you can make money instantly and the potential is unlimited. You don’t have to wait for several weeks for commissions to coming to have money to create more sites you can just do instantly.You can test sites for holidays, rather than do keyword research for ten minutes you can create a website and earn or not.

What I like About Easy Product Displays

  • Easy product displays allows you to create images and generate code with just one click. The site itself technically only deals with Amazon and Zazzle images, but there is the ability to manually copy and paste your affiliate link and in one click it spits out your image code.
  • Easy product displays has a very wide range of formats and displays and you choose the one you like with just one click.
  • Easy Product Displays makes creating webpages a breeze.It can be used for WordPress blogs or free social media sites. You can create a complete website in less than 10 minutes. That means you can be earning money immediately
  • There are tons of options which allow you to customize your images,there are many personalized buttons including a buy now button.
  • My favorite way of displaying images is to use the compare price button which links directly to your affiliate URL.
  • The best feature which saves me loads of time is the add button. If you have a web page already coded you can add new products when they come out in seconds. This means you can edit your pages every day if you want to in less than a minute.
  • I have only ever use the customer services once and I had cause to send them an email and they replied in less than 10 minutes, and what was really impressive it was Sunday afternoon.

What I don’t like about Easy Product Displays.

The site has loads of cool features which is a easy product displays don’t advertise. It’s only when you really start to play about with the system you realize how simple and clever it is. Because they don’t tell you these cool things I have written an e-book which explains what you can do with all the extra bolt on goodies. All you have to do is purchase a three-day free trial through my link and email me the PayPal receipt and I will send it to.

This is the code that I made in the video and the length of the video is how long it takes to grab the code.

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Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO

Essential WORDPRESS Plugins for SEO

Knowing the essential WordPress Plugins For SEO, and guessing the essential WordPress plugins for SEO two very different things. Yet the reality is having the essential WordPress plug-ins for SEO is the difference between your blog succeeding in your blog failing.
If you are a newbie to WordPress and you are guessing what plugins to use then you may be doing more harm than good. Start
2014 with a bang by installing the correct plug-ins. Not all WP plugins are compatible with each other, some merely conflict whilst other combinations screw up everything.

WordPress plugins can be a nightmare, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you have installed the Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO, you need the correct can visit configurations.

If you’re not sure how to configure these plugins correctly then filling the opt in form at the bottom of this post and receive my free guide to Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO.




The list of Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO

Broken Link Checker
Contact form
Ping Optimizer
Google Site Map Generator
Plugin Central
Secure Link WP
Sexy Bookmarks
Simple tags
Stat Press
What Would Seth Godin Do
WP Database Manager
WP Touch

First of all WordPress plug-in Central is a plugin which allows you to copy plugins from one website to another. More importantly it allows you to copy this list of plugins and install them in one go.You may think that you prefer similar WP plugins because you use them, but this list works.



Although you have to activate this plugin and get a key to do so, it is well worthwhile to do so. Your blog or your site may not be that popular now but once it is, and all of these plugins will help you will get loads of spam comments. These comments bear no resemblance to your blog content whatsoever. They are created by software which can neither read nor write! They are a real pain to remove. Akismet grabs hold of those comments and let you know so that you can remove them collectively.

Broken Link Checker
Did you know that Google penalizes you for having broken links! This plug-in will send you an email when a link is broken. Let’s face it if you have more than one blog you can’t be checking that all the links work everyday. Not only does it notify you be you could set it so that the search engines don’t follow broken links.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer
This simple plug-in just needs activating. One of the aggravating thinks about WordPress is that the default setting is to ping every time you make an alteration. If you are a newbie to WordPress you may change your post several times and you definitely do not want that message to be pinged everytime you do it. This is classed as spam and is not good. Heck, even if you experience blogger you may change your blog post several times, I know I do to make sure that everything is optimised so that the page can be ranked. You just need to stop that constant pinging.

Secure WordPress
Another downside to using WordPress is that it is the best platform to use, actually that’s not the downside, the downside is that all hackers are drawn to the best of its type. It’s a bit like the reason that Microsoft is a target for hackers. You don’t want to lose all your hard work and find your blog has been hacked and everything lost. To avoid that install WordPress secure.

Google is part of its algorithm for calculating how good your site is, is taking into account how often your content is shared.Make it easy for your followers to share your content to their favorite network. Don’t set this to all networks
Again if you’re not sure get my free report at the bottom of this post.

Si Captcha for Word Press
This WordPress plug-in reduces the spam comments because it uses a captcha form to check whether your user is human. Set it and forget it.


This WordPress plug-in counts how many people have viewed your page, it is not the most essential plug-in but if you want to keep track of your visitors it’s useful.

W3 Total Cache
This is my second favorite WordPress plugin, and in my opinion everyone should use it. It reduces the amount of time it takes
to download your pages and posts. That is another thing that Google takes into account how quickly your blog appears when someone clicks on a link.
A lot of people are put off from using this plug-in because you have to change the permissions before you can use it successfully. This is fully explained in my report. The more images you add the slower your blog is to load and the bigger it gets the worse the problem gets.Before this becomes a problem this plugin will control the situation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
This is absolutely my favorite plug-in.There are many more plug-ins that do exactly the same job, and most of them cost at least $47. This plug-in is absolutely free and for quite sometime it has been the best SEO plugin, free or paid. Why pay for something that is available free.

Why do I think this SEO plugin is so wonderful? Well if you use it properly it prevents you from posting any article which isn’t fully optimized. When your page is fully optimized than the search engines will find it and rank it very quickly.It’s not rocket science and I strongly recommend you use this plug-in my free report will get you up and running quickly, but most of all in the most efficient way possible.

The beauty of this plug-in is that it is color-coded, red means you have missed the boat where SEO is concerned, you have not ticked any boxes at all. Amber means that you have a few things right but there’s more work to do. Green means you’re good to go and your posts can be found. I would say it takes an extra five minutes per post when you start. This time it gets much quicker because eventually you keeps in the same mistakes and stop making them. another huge benefit to this plug-in is the fact it’s retrospective, you can check and correct every post you never made.

The Benefits of an Affiliate Network

Once you begin affiliate marketing you’ll discover that finding new programs to join can become quite time consuming. Using an affiliate network provides many benefits and can help save time spent comparing and looking for new affiliate programs.

An affiliate network serves as a main contact between merchants and affiliates.  The affiliate network hosts a site where numerous merchants are connected with affiliates who then apply to programs.  When sales are made, the affiliate network handles all of the details regarding stats and payments.  It makes it much simpler when affiliates can manage all of their programs from one convenient location.

By using an affiliate network you can easily track the stats of your affiliate programs.  Some webmasters have hundreds of various niche websites and blogs that they monitor and an affiliate network enables them to easily view those stats and track earnings on demand.  An affiliate network will also provide a wide variety of creative marketing tools that you can use for promoting your affiliate programs as well.

It’s important to take full advantage of the services that the affiliate network provides.  By monitoring your daily stats, you can gain an idea of which advertisement method is most effective and choose various ad placements for your sites and blogs accordingly.  You can choose from text ads, banner ads, and image ads of various sizes.  Through experimentation you can determine which ads are most effective and returns the best results.

If you choose to use PPC advertising for your affiliate programs, you’ll need to read through the terms of the affiliate program you join.  Each program has different terms and some programs have specific requirements for those who use PPC advertising.  By using affiliate networks and reading through the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you can ensure that you are taking great steps to become a successful Internet marketer.

Joining Affiliate Programs

When joining affiliate programs it’s important to determine who the visitors to your site are.  Affiliate programs are targeted towards a certain market, and if you choose programs that aren’t rightly aligned for your audience, you’ll never make the commissions you intended.

When choosing affiliate programs you’ll need to invest in plenty of research.  Considering your target audience’s needs is the primary focus for ensuring that they will find the program appealing and be enticed to click through and make a purchase.

Before joining an affiliate program, review the site.  It’s important to remember that since you are referring your customer to the merchant’s site that you are recommending that merchant as an honest and reputable business partner.  Your customer’s trust that you are referring them to legitimate businesses.  Take the time to review the merchant’s website.  Preview the design of the site, the layout, their ordering policies, and check their history to make sure they are an upstanding businesses.  Choose affiliate programs that you would buy products from yourself.

Determine how the affiliate program interacts with their associates.  Do they have a person that you may contact should you have any affiliate marketing questions?  Reputable companies provide a marketing professional with whom you can interact, send Emails to, and discuss marketing strategies with.  It is important to associate yourself with companies that understand the importance of the merchant/affiliate relationship and take that relationship seriously.

Preview the types of marketing materials they make readily available when making your decision.  Do they use banner ads, text links, HTML code for newsletters, and do they have a wide variety of graphic ads?  Also, make sure that they frequently update their ads as well.  If they are still running Christmas ads in July, they might have difficulty managing their affiliate marketing department.

Always read through and understand the terms of payment to ensure that you choose marketing programs that are best suited for your needs.  Every associate program offers its own payment structure and terms.  Determine how you will be paid, as some programs pay on a weekly basis, while others pay on a monthly basis after you reach a set threshold.  By taking these factors into consideration, you can make certain that you select the best affiliate programs for your needs.

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as a business will provide you a very good income whether you do it full-time or part time.  Of course it depends on how you manage it as a business. It also has edges where you can fall when you make mistakes.

There are common mistakes that affiliates make and knowing them is a good starting point to avoid them:

Grabbing Every Affiliate Program Available

Affiliate marketing is all over the net. It will be easy to be drowned with affiliate programs that promise high commissions. Signing up for these programs is as quick as a few blinks of the eye. More programs may mean more profits but it is not always the case. There are times when you have to hold back and know your limits.

Imagine juggling three balls. Make it ten balls and you will get the picture. Affiliate programs are stakes you take online and these are investments that need your attention. If you cannot focus on managing them well, it will be unproductive to sign up for every opportunity you have.

You can start with one affiliate program or maybe go for as much as three or four. Make sure that these programs blend well together and do not simply crowd your website.

Choosing the Wrong Product

You don’t pick a banana when you like some grapes. A lot of affiliates commit the mistake of choosing the products because they are hot and not because they are interested in it.

It will be very hard to sound credible when you don’t believe in a product yourself. Yes they might sell but in the long run, you cannot form the important relationship of trust and confidence with your market.

Successful marketers most of the time have purchased the products they are promoting. This way, they can give an honest review if the product is really commendable.

Copy Pasting Content

Building a website involves serious work. If you want to look credible or trustworthy copy pasting from other websites will not work.

Search engine spiders will not tag your website as an authority in your chosen niche. Content is still king. Regular updates and good keyword research are also a must.

Good search engine optimization can spell a difference of thousands of dollars in your affiliate marketing business.

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