Learn to Paint Your Own Financial Canvas

You can paint your own financial canvas, you may need help and guidance to do so. But financial freedom is available to everyone.

100’s of Classes

The classes start at ground zero. A complete beginner can begin to build there own website.

The classes progress to expert level. They are arranged over five modules


No Coding Required

All classes are built on the WordPress Content Management system. This is a drag and drop interface. No coding skills are necessary.

Earn Commisions

Two different types of training modules. Build your own niche site, or promote Wealthy Affiliate for commissions.

Keyword Research

You have use of the Wealthy Affilaite Keyword tool, at no cost. The more focused you do your keyword research the easier it will be to make commissions on the sales you make. This tool is free and the importance of keyword research should never be underestimated.


There are thirteen different classrooms, these cover ecery aspect of online marketing.The Wealthy afiiliate community is a vibrant and acticve community with thousands of members willing to help you

The Ambassadors

There are twenty five ambassadors. Two of them are the sites owners, kyle and Carson. The other twenty three places do change. Thet are up for grabs for the twenty three most active succesful members.

Create a Free Account

Risk free trials for as long as you like. You will never have to upgrade to paid membership.

Become an expert

Learn how you can make money online as an affiliate marketer in the oldest established online university – Wealthy Affiliate’s.


Can Anyone Make Money Online

Yes. All you need to do is take action. The training is laid out for you in simple linear steps. You need to be proactive take action to build your website and ask questions when you are stuck.


Making money online

How do I know it's not a Ripoff?

There are many scams out there taking your money off you and delivering nothing. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are so confident that anyone can make money with the proper tuition, they allow you to have a free account forever.

I don't Live in the USA

Making money online is not location dependant. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection. if your Internet connection ic currently good enough for you to read this, then you are good to go.

I don't know Anything About Marketing?

The first few lessons start at the beginning, they show you how Affiliate marketing works. This training is visual and linear so you can follow the process easily.

Can I really make money from A Free Account?

Yes people do. Obviously if you upgrade and become a premium member then you make more commissions from your sales. There has to be an incentive to join as a premium member. Best advice start free and see if the whole process is for you.

Is there are Any Support?

Yes the community within Wealthy Affiliate’s is one of the reasons people stay for years. I have been a member for twelve years because the community is so good. I have made lifelong friends and also JV partners. Some members I have combined with the share skills. The possibilities within the community is only limited by your imagination.

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