Essential WORDPRESS Plugins for SEO

Knowing the essential WordPress Plugins For SEO, and guessing the essential WordPress plugins for SEO two very different things. Yet the reality is having the essential WordPress plug-ins for SEO is the difference between your blog succeeding in your blog failing.
If you are a newbie to WordPress and you are guessing what plugins to use then you may be doing more harm than good. Start
2014 with a bang by installing the correct plug-ins. Not all WP plugins are compatible with each other, some merely conflict whilst other combinations screw up everything.

WordPress plugins can be a nightmare, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you have installed the Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO, you need the correct can visit configurations.

If you’re not sure how to configure these plugins correctly then filling the opt in form at the bottom of this post and receive my free guide to Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO.




The list of Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO

Broken Link Checker
Contact form
Ping Optimizer
Google Site Map Generator
Plugin Central
Secure Link WP
Sexy Bookmarks
Simple tags
Stat Press
What Would Seth Godin Do
WP Database Manager
WP Touch

First of all WordPress plug-in Central is a plugin which allows you to copy plugins from one website to another. More importantly it allows you to copy this list of plugins and install them in one go.You may think that you prefer similar WP plugins because you use them, but this list works.



Although you have to activate this plugin and get a key to do so, it is well worthwhile to do so. Your blog or your site may not be that popular now but once it is, and all of these plugins will help you will get loads of spam comments. These comments bear no resemblance to your blog content whatsoever. They are created by software which can neither read nor write! They are a real pain to remove. Akismet grabs hold of those comments and let you know so that you can remove them collectively.

Broken Link Checker
Did you know that Google penalizes you for having broken links! This plug-in will send you an email when a link is broken. Let’s face it if you have more than one blog you can’t be checking that all the links work everyday. Not only does it notify you be you could set it so that the search engines don’t follow broken links.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer
This simple plug-in just needs activating. One of the aggravating thinks about WordPress is that the default setting is to ping every time you make an alteration. If you are a newbie to WordPress you may change your post several times and you definitely do not want that message to be pinged everytime you do it. This is classed as spam and is not good. Heck, even if you experience blogger you may change your blog post several times, I know I do to make sure that everything is optimised so that the page can be ranked. You just need to stop that constant pinging.

Secure WordPress
Another downside to using WordPress is that it is the best platform to use, actually that’s not the downside, the downside is that all hackers are drawn to the best of its type. It’s a bit like the reason that Microsoft is a target for hackers. You don’t want to lose all your hard work and find your blog has been hacked and everything lost. To avoid that install WordPress secure.

Google is part of its algorithm for calculating how good your site is, is taking into account how often your content is shared.Make it easy for your followers to share your content to their favorite network. Don’t set this to all networks
Again if you’re not sure get my free report at the bottom of this post.

Si Captcha for Word Press
This WordPress plug-in reduces the spam comments because it uses a captcha form to check whether your user is human. Set it and forget it.


This WordPress plug-in counts how many people have viewed your page, it is not the most essential plug-in but if you want to keep track of your visitors it’s useful.

W3 Total Cache
This is my second favorite WordPress plugin, and in my opinion everyone should use it. It reduces the amount of time it takes
to download your pages and posts. That is another thing that Google takes into account how quickly your blog appears when someone clicks on a link.
A lot of people are put off from using this plug-in because you have to change the permissions before you can use it successfully. This is fully explained in my report. The more images you add the slower your blog is to load and the bigger it gets the worse the problem gets.Before this becomes a problem this plugin will control the situation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
This is absolutely my favorite plug-in.There are many more plug-ins that do exactly the same job, and most of them cost at least $47. This plug-in is absolutely free and for quite sometime it has been the best SEO plugin, free or paid. Why pay for something that is available free.

Why do I think this SEO plugin is so wonderful? Well if you use it properly it prevents you from posting any article which isn’t fully optimized. When your page is fully optimized than the search engines will find it and rank it very quickly.It’s not rocket science and I strongly recommend you use this plug-in my free report will get you up and running quickly, but most of all in the most efficient way possible.

The beauty of this plug-in is that it is color-coded, red means you have missed the boat where SEO is concerned, you have not ticked any boxes at all. Amber means that you have a few things right but there’s more work to do. Green means you’re good to go and your posts can be found. I would say it takes an extra five minutes per post when you start. This time it gets much quicker because eventually you keeps in the same mistakes and stop making them. another huge benefit to this plug-in is the fact it’s retrospective, you can check and correct every post you never made.