Traffic matrix review Another Rob Cornish Masterclass

Traffic matrix by Rob Cornish is not just another traffic course! In typical Rob Cornish style, he splits traffic strategies down into their simplest parts. It’s not Rob’s style to make things complicated everything is super simple with Rob. He is a fan of the short and simple, doable steps school.

I have been recommending Rob’s products for many years and over that time many people have said to me, but it is so simple can it work? The answer to that is yes it can everything was traffic strategy that Rob suggested in traffic matrix I have implemented to great effect.

Rob started out in the financial services Rob was working initially in finance, but he told me at Sarah Staar’s wedding that he wanted to have more freedom in his career choice. He used affiliate marketing as his model because of the low start-up costs. Now he’s more famous for his membership site- gain higher ground. He is more famous probably for his personal approach he really does care about his student’s success



traffic matrix rob cornish Name of the Product: Traffic Matrix 2015

Overall Ranking:10/10 – a no brainer buy

Price:$27.00 One off Price

Owners: Rob Cornish

Traffic Matrix Bonuses: Three Killer Bonuses Guarantee: It does What it Says on the Tin + thirty-day money back guarantee

Support: Yes a rapid response help desk INTRODUCTION

“This is the best traffic course available at an Everyday price″ As a stand-alone product it is the best on the market with the three killer bonuses it really is a no-brainer.

Traffic Matrix

What I like about the product!

1.Ease of Navigation Traffic matrix is a matrix, but if you don’t like to navigate it in this way you can use it as a list. Just a typical example of Rob’s over delivering and understanding of people – we don’t all learn the same way.

2. Several modules are Complete Stand-alone courses The Facebook Advertisement Case study is a classic example! That is so powerful; it is worth the cost of the course on its own

3. Have a Look Under Extras This is another killer bonus which would stand-alone as a course.

3. Rob deals With Aspects of Traffic Usually Ignored. There is a section on media buying within the traffic matrix if you don’t know what that is it is the banners you can purchase on other people’s websites. This market is so huge that it is literally impossible to bump into anybody else, so it’s a very very useful strategy and very cheap. Normally the courses are quite expensive, but Rob includes a complete guide

4.You can dip in and out of the course quickly You don’t have to study it all at once, you can simply read the sections you need when you need them .

What I don’t like about the product!

1. The whole course is so enormous, but it can be intimidating for total newbies to Internet marketing.

WHO IT IS FOR Every Website owner benefits from this program and its simplicity.

Taken as a whole the course is daunting but it is broken down into its component parts. TRAINING/TOOLS OVERVIEW Everything you need to Drive traffic to your website. No one should rely on one traffic source, Because if that dries up then you’re left with nothing.

START + Mindmap -An overview.

Platform Traffic – 3 modules, all with videos. Social Media -2 Stand alone modules. Paid Traffic– 4 modules. Marketing Partners5 modules. PR 2 modules. Content Syndication These three modules are my favorites. There is gold in this section. There is a help desk and I asked a question which was answered within two hours


It’s thorough, complete simple and actionable it works for everyone.

Is your WordPress Blog Safe? Do you need blog defender?

Most people write Internet marketing reviews about products that will make you money, not blog defender. Generally these are of course the best products but there are times when you need WordPress security. The chances are that anybody who has had a blog for over five years, will have had it hacked. The lucky ones will have a backup the unlucky ones will have even had the database destroyed and will never get to use the URL again.

After the first time I was hacked I installed some security plug-ins I really thought that that was job done! Unfortunately wasn’t in the second time I lost I lost four years of work. You may think, well I had backups and I did have, also they were on the same server and when the hackers got into WordPress they deleted these. To cut a long story short I ended up with over 20 security plug-ins!

The frightening thing about hackers is that if they get into your site they can get into your hosting company. Did you know that you can have malware on your site. I certainly didn’t, at least until it happened to me. When this happens they can transplant this malware to your visitors through their browsers so this type of malware just keeps on giving! Last year I have to disable all my e-commerce sites which cost me a fair amount of money because I found out to my cost that these were especially vulnerable to hackers (I wonder why?).

Now unfortunately this situation does get worse the law states that you are responsible for the security of your sites rather than your hosting company. Should you be found responsible to be the root cause of an attack on your hosting company you can be fined very heavily. So this is a compelling reason why you should be wondering “Is your WordPress Blog Safe?, or do you need to buy Blog defender.”

Until a few weeks ago there was no easy cure for all the havoc that can be wreaked by hackers.Matt Garrett who has a solid reputation in the Internet marketing world has brought out a new product which is only $47. Whilst this might seem a hefty whack over the last few weeks I have tested this and it is an extremely robust answer and certainly much cheaper than the 20 odd plugins I bought! It is easy to use and it comes with two cracking bonuses both of which are worth twice the cost of the course.


Blog Defender
Name of the Product: BLOG DEFENDER 2015
Overall Ranking:10/10 – a no brainer buy
Price:$47.00 One off Price
Owners:Matt Garrett
Website: Blog Defender
Bonuses: Two Killer Bonuses
Guarantee: It does What it Says on the Tin + thirty day money back guarantee
Support: Yes a rapid response help desk


“This is the best WordPress security solution on the market in 2015”


As a stand-alone product it is the best on the market with the two killer bonuses it really is a no-brainer.

What I like about the product!

1. Being In control of backups
Backup WordPress using the Premium plugin Backup Buddy. Just by purchasing Blog Defender, you will receive an Unlimited license copy of Backup Buddy worth $150. My Main website took around 10 minutes to install the plugin, create a current backup and schedule a full weekly backup and a daily database backup.

2.IP & User Agent Blacklists
It has the ability to ban IP addresses totally, so someone has attempted to hack into your WordPress account once you can prevent future attacks

3.Scanning & Cleaning Malware
Its not often you think of your blog possibly having malware on it. You are usually concerned about your PC being infected by the latest worm! However if your site does get hacked, it can then be subject to malware. This is a free plugin. However to navigate all the options yourself would be time consuming and laborious trying to think of what everything means Is quite difficult if you don’t have any technical know-how

4. Security Plugin Setup
A lot of these options are obvious, like not having your username be admin, but its reassuring to go through all the steps to be satisfied you are protected.Also if you are new to creating a WordPress blog you may not realise how dangerous it is to have your admin name as admin

5. Hide WordPress
This is an ingenious idea to hide the fact you are using WordPress. If a hacker believes you are not using WP, they will likely move to a different website that is using WP as it will be easier to hack.

6. Lock-down WordPress
I didn’t enable Step Away Mode times as I want to be able to login, yes even at 3am if I want to, however if you have times when you definitely don’t connect to the Internet this is worth using. Plus I could be in different time zones. One of the longest videos in the course is the Google Authenticator setup. This is where you can create a 2 step verification with an app on your phone. So every time you want login to your WP admin, you will have to enter a code provided by Google Authenticator plugin available for Android or iPhone. This step is easy to implement. Using it is not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. So by now you will need to enter a unique username, a captcha to confirm you are not a robot and a code generated from your smartphone.

7. Defend WordPress
Probably the most important part in this section is protecting your site from Brute Force attacks. These are perhaps the single biggest problem for WordPress websites today. This involves changing a couple of settings. Easy and effective.However knowing you are covered security wise from brute force attacks is always good.

8.Setup Hack Watchdogs
This section will monitor your site in advance of any known viruses. You are told where to get a free API key from a website that automatically monitors and scans your site against 30+ malware databases.
{A list of the pros/cons of the product}

What I don’t like about the product!
1. The suggested hosting. This is too much, it is too expensive but if you have not got time to go through all the steps yourself then it is worth it. Simply because the consequences of getting out I just so horrendous


Every WordPress owner benefits from this program and its simplicity. Taken as a whole the course is daunting but it is broken down into over 90 minutes of videos which show you very clearly what steps you need to take. HashCat, Is a piece of software designed to find your passwords, It can make 300,000 guesses at your password every second, so you can imagine how important WordPress security is!


Everything you need to Lockdown and defend your WordPress blog


There is a help desk and I asked a question which was answered within three hours


It is quite rare to find a program that has everything. The only bonus I could possibly give to this product would be PDF versions of the videos. It quite literally does not need any bells and whistles is a complete stand-alone program which does protect your website. If you value your website click here to purchase the product blog defender.