My name is Catherine, and I am a full-time Internet Marketer and product creator. I began my Internet Marketing career back in the dark ages, in 1995. Since then I have seen a lot of changes in the Internet and how it works.

Back in the day, there were no Internet marketers because there was no protocol to take money on the Internet. And yes, if you are young enough not to be able that far back, you did read that right! There was no way to buy anything online.

The Internet back in the day

If you are old enough to remember the Internet in those days it was like looking at the telephone in 1930. It bears no resemblance to a phone today; the Internet was slow. We had no broadband back then, a picture loaded one pixel at a time. You had lost the will to live by the time it had appeared; either that or you had  forgotten what you were supposed to be looking at.

However, enough about Memory Lane, those days weren’t better.  Well yes they were in the way because the Internet did not have the pages of crap information it has now, it had content – useful information.

Granted not a lot of it, but it stuck to the early principals it was there for people to learn. You could hear W.H.Auden reciting his verses, or learn about psychology. Wikipedia was in its infancy, and I was paid $10.00 a page to write for them, yes you read that right as well. They were so desperate for content you could write about whatever took your fancy! I wrote a lot of pages on Freud, are they still there you may ask, I have no idea it is a good ten years since I looked in Wikipedia.

Becoming a Full-time Writer

By this time, you may be wondering how I became a writer? Well, I was a chef in Malaga, Spain and I had two restaurants. About fifteen years ago my parent’s health deteriorated, my father was failing physically with heart issues, and my mother developed dementia.

Chefs work long hard hours. it was normal to leave home at 9.30 and return until 3.00 the next morning. life was good, the profits from my businesses gave me freedom to save for my pension.

The transition pweriod

I realized that all these hours I was at work, I was worried what was happening at home. I knew there was an accident just waiting to happen. My mother, bless her, had begun to leave the hob on, and the taps on. My imagination went into overdrive wondering what I would find when I went home.

Eventually, I accepted that the level of strain I was under was untenable. I decided to give up work and stay at home for a few years. If anyone has ever looked after someone with Alzheimer’s they will know that one of the worst things is the repetition. It is very hard to keep your equilibrium when you are being told the same thing for the seventeenth time that day, and it is only 11.37 and 42 seconds am.

Within a week I knew I had to organize an escape route, both for my sanity and my parents! I loved them dearly, and it was a privilege to look after them.  But I needed something for me.

I bought a computer and although the operating system was in Spanish, and the help wizard was back then was a hindrance more than a help. Especially to a technical numptie like me, – I painstakingly taught myself to use it. It eventually became my lifeline, and I found a site called Rent a Coder.

An ebook about chickenpox

My first job was to write an ebook on chicken pox, and I earned $450 less commission for it. I worked feverishly every night from 11.00 when my mother retired until 3.00. That meant I did not get much sleep as my mom was an early riser, but it was better than the alternative which was to go stir crazy.

In 2002, when I had been writing for seven years, my father died, and I then had three years looking after my mother. This made my life easier. My mother was out every day for at least four hours going to see my brother, and that gave me more me time. If this sounds ungrateful it is not meant to be, – it was a privilege to look after both my parents and I would not have changed a second of it.

In 2005 my mother died, and I was free to reassess my options. In the meantime, my husband had sold both of our businesses, and I did not feel that I wanted to go back to being a chef. I started to write about food for myself because food has always been my passion.

Living the Dream

I decided I did not want to write for anyone else anymore but wanted to build my own information book empire which I did. A few years ago I relocated back to the UK to get an Open University degree, and I am still studying, I should collect my degree supported by my zimmer frame.

I learned all about Internet marketing from Wealthy Affiliates; they were recommended to me by my university tutor’s because they gave the best affiliate marketing education available. Back then I only intended to stay eight weeks which was the length of their course, but thanks to the innovations and training I am still a member.

My favorite mentor is my friend Sarah; she is the most successful female Internet Marketer in the UK, you can follow her here.

These two methods of learning Internet marketing combined, are the finest teaching you can get, to earn a profit quickly.

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