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Hi, I’m Catherine! I have been making a full-time living from the Internet since 1996/97. This website has been created to share what I have learned.

My Story

My Internet marketing career began as a full-time writer about 1996. I used to write for (long deceased). Although it was primarily a site for coders I was the second most prolific user. I fulfilled over 7,000 writing jobs.

Eventually, the penny dropped that I could earn more money if I became freelance. By 2002, I had created the top three bestselling products on ClickBank.

Again I had an aha moment and I realized I would be better becoming a product creator myself. That took a few winding turns before I eventually created my own PLR company.

I scrapped that in 2012 because I had become bored with writing. In 2019 I resurrected it partnering with my friend Danny to create a writing and video production business.

I work part-time as a freelance coaching expert for Sarah Staar, where I coach her high-end students. That is people who paid $15,000 plus to access my expertise.


My Values & Beliefs

You Don't have to reinvent the Wheel.

As an affiliate marketer don’t make things difficult for yourself. Follow what other successful people have done behind you! There may be loads of competition but cream will always rise to the top!

Is It Too Late to Become An Internet Marketer?

Not at all! It’s still a bit like the wild West out there. We are still in the early days of Internet marketing, a bit like looking at the telephone in 1935. In 10 years time, the Internet will look as it does today but it will still be there offering a sustainable business model.

Is there Money to Be Made With An Internet site

The answer to that is a resounding yes if you do it right. It is still the easiest way to make a living online. You can do two things with it you can use it as a stepping stone to create the lifestyle you want and then progress to other things such as drop shipping or product creation.

Or, you can build niche sites for other people and flip them. Or you can use the knowledge that you have garnered and rinse and repeat and make other sites.

You are only limited by the extent of your own imagination. The sky really is your limit!

My Approach

If you are a newbie Internet marketing I recommend you create a free account at wealthy affiliate’s.They have been around since 2005 and today they have created one of the best sites for people to learn Internet marketing.

They start from the very beginning but the training goes on to advanced methods. Although there are many benefits to joining wealthy affiliate’s the thing that stands out to everyone is how fabulous the community is. They will help you achieve your goals when you get stuck. I have been a member for 13 years and the only people who have not succeeded are those people who give up.

The really sad thing is that the majority of the people who give up do so just on the cusp of success.



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