Product Creation made Simple.

Product Creation made Simple. Gain Higher Ground

Gain Higher Ground

Product creation takes up a lot of my working time because it’s the part of affiliate marketing I love best. I enjoy product creation more than any other aspect of Internet marketing. I have been very much behind recently because I changed countries which left me with a broadband connection for three weeks. It should have been ten days but hey that is UK providers for you.

I had my laptop, but I find it tough to focus in public places. My local library was great for research, but for some reason, I couldn’t connect to Gmail so that I couldn’t read my emails.

Now I am sitting in my own leather armchair, quiet as a church mouse, – bliss. I can actually think.


My First Love

Product creation has always been my first love; I love all aspects of product creation. The planning, the research, and the execution. I like the certainty that my products are going to sell even before I start to type or make a video.

Product creation is an excellent way to build a list when I started, I began by selling cheap PLR products and made sure I over delivered. I paid my affiliates one hundred percent of the sales price because my objective was to build not only a list but a list of actual buyers. To be fair I did have an upsell, but even with that, I gave the affiliates eighty percent.

Product creation allows me to add value to my asset, the web page. In turn, this gives me credibility and more traffic; more traffic means that Google is beginning to assess me as an authority figure……………. and the big plus it means more profits for me.


My Smartest move

All in all going into product creation was the smartest move I HAVE EVER MADE, in Internet marketing. Despite all these factors, the best bit is the buzz! The knowledge you are creating something unique and something that is going to be hugely profitable.

My primary motivation for creating products is quite simply because I find it such an enjoyable experience. It is a great feeling to know that you can look at more than the niche, you can look at the solutions to the most commonly asked questions as well. By creating solutions, you are genuinely helpful in your niche. When you make solutions available, you will always guarantee repeat sales. Also, most buyers will fall over themselves to give you feedback. You can always use feedback as testimonials.

If you haven’t created a product, then do consider it. With the right approach there are stacks of “how to” and “resource” type products that you can create pretty quickly without any previous knowledge or expertise in a given area.

You don’t have to start with a massive membership site, but you do have to start with a quality product. The person who gave me the confidence to start was Rob Cornish. He and were talking, about Internet marketing and Rob was telling me about his new idea.

Rob is a brilliant communicator, both of ideas and income streams. He was telling me about this idea to create a WP plugin that would be able to suss out what theme your competitors were using. I was so excited because I could see immediately how useful that would be. I was literally jumping up and down on my seat.

Product Creation made Simple.

It’s not Spybar I want to talk about, although I use it most days; it serves only to set the scene. As we carried on talking Rob was telling me about his membership site, although I knew he had one, we had never discussed it. Rob was showing not off, he is not that sort of a guy, he is just about the most unassuming person I have ever met.

Rob was asking me what I was doing these days, and I said that I wanted to create a course about starting a writing business, Rob said: “That’s a superb idea, what’s the problem?”

I replied that I had not got the faintest idea how to go about it. I said that I had started it, but it was turning out to be just about everything I had ever learned in twenty years of being a professional writer.

He said NO, NO THAT WON’T DO you need “Quality high, complexity low products.”

Keeep It Super Simple

Far too may people over complicate products. I’ve done it myself but I can tell you from experience it’s the simple “one problem, one solution” products that sell the best and are quicker and easier to make.

Then he explained that he was building a membership site that teaches about every aspect of Internet marketing, of course, you can have the best product in the world, but without traffic, you are dead in the water. Rob said he would send me an email with the link for his gain higher ground course.

I joined the site, and it is product creation made simple, in fact, it is everything reduced down to bite sized digestible lumps. If you would like to try product creation for yourself, or learn about traffic or building a list click here. It is sold on Clickbank, so you have no risk, there is a thirty-day guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to evaluate, gain higher ground, I promise you-you won’t be disappointed.

If you take an action, you can have your own product up and running in less than a month. Every product Rob has made has been a resounding success. You can learn to research your product under Rob’s expert eye – and know it will sell before you start to create it.


People are spending more time online and checking their email more often than ever, so email marketing has increased in importance. Take a look at the advice and suggestions found below in order to get started on to build An email list. Try to make your email as personal as possible. If you send emails which the reader identifies with, they will be more apt to buy from your company. WP segmenting machine is a cheap plugin that helps you target your list.

Build an Email List with Trust

Use your customer’s firsts names in the emails that you send them, and thank them in a personal way. This will give them the impression that your business cares and sales will increase because you increase trust in your brand. Know your audience and be focused. Ask them what they want to need, make it look as though you care.

Once your list has grown a little bit, try to entice your current readers to refer new readers. At the end of every email, provide a “subscribe” button and a “share” button so readers can pass along your information to friends. This way your base will grow organically. If you plan to tackle email marketing, you need to know you have to have the permission from everyone. If not, you will be looking at many spam complaints and loss of customers.

Use a readable font as well. After a few messages, people will start to recognize when you send an email, and will pay attention. When your customers are familiar with your emails, it makes the marketing more efficient. You need permission from your readers if you’re going to start sending them emails. If you start sending out what is considered spam, the results aren’t going to be very good. You could lose customers and get reported for sending unwanted emails.

Speak To Your List Don’t Harass them

Do not send emails encouraging people to ‘buy now’. ” strategy. It is considered spammy, and you will turn off readers faster than a hurricane blowing through town.  Instead, build a relationship with your customers and stay professional. You will be more likely to get a sale from them.

Be Consistent with Your List

Consistency is important. Ensure that you’re always utilizing the same colors and logo of the company within your email. In other words always use the same template. Tell your readers early on in the sequence what to expect from you. Tell them you will email them once or twice or three times a week, Give them the option of unsubscribing if it’s not for them.

Don’t hang onto Subscribers like the Grim Reaper

You have all heard about the importance of your list. It is the main mantra of Internet marketing. However, it is inaccurate it is not your list that is important it is the relationship you have with your list. It is no use having an email list of over twenty thousand people if they don’t open your emails. They can’t buy from you if they don’t open them!

A lot of what Is Taught about email marketing is Dead wrong

Everyone (Who is everyone?) says don’t email people on holidays. Why not test it for yourself don’t take someone else’s word for it.Today most readers can access your mail from their phones, they don’t need a computer, so why not email them on Christmas day.

Have multiple optin forms.

Have an optin form at the end of every post. Also, add a section called newsletters to your blog and keep a copy of them. Soe customers’ will want to go back and read back issues.You could provide this option to people who visit your website by creating a place where they could sign up if they want to get updates, and everyone will be happy.

Celebrate your customers’ birthday! Allow your subscribers to include their birth date on the sign-up form, then follow up with an automatic email on the big day. This simple step can go a long way to making your customers feel special, especially if you include a special discount, coupon, or another offer along with your greeting.

Keep the emails you send consistent with any branding you use in your other marketing. Use the identical color scheme already in play, and include your company logo with each and every message you send out. If your brand is established and has a fine reputation that is trustworthy, this gives added credibility to the emails you are sending out.

WP Segmenting Machine-

Take the Time To Segment Your List

If your prospective customers do not open an email, resend that email out with a different subject line, repeat this up to three times. It used to be fairly difficult to do this in Aweber without Aweber pro tools and impossible in Getresponse but now there is a simple WP plugin called WP segmenting machine with a one-time fee that will do it for you.

List segmentation used to be an advanced form of list building but with this simple, intuitive plugin has changed all that. You can save a ton of time, and your list will be more like that of a pro, rather than an amateur.

  • FACT #1 – There is no one-size-fits-all type of customer regardless of the products you’re selling; there will always be people at different stages of the buying cycle and sending all of your contacts the same message is counter-intuitive.
  • FACT #2 – With segmentation, you will increase sales and engagement levels with your customers.
  • FACT #3 – You will better understand what your customer want and need from your business.
  • FACT #4 – On a customer level if a firm knows our interests and idiosyncrasies, we’re much more likely to be receptive to their messaging.
  • FACT #5 – By sending fewer – but more relevant – emails, email marketers increase the value of their messaging while decreasing the risk of being sent on a one-way trip to the delete folder.


The benefits of WP segmenting Machine

The major advantage is that this allows you to segment a list as small as you like, you can send an email to one person if you need to.

Traffic matrix review Another Rob Cornish Masterclass

Traffic matrix by Rob Cornish is not just another traffic course! In typical Rob Cornish style, he splits traffic strategies down into their simplest parts. It’s not Rob’s style to make things complicated everything is super simple with Rob. He is a fan of the short and simple, doable steps school.

I have been recommending Rob’s products for many years and over that time many people have said to me, but it is so simple can it work? The answer to that is yes it can everything was traffic strategy that Rob suggested in traffic matrix I have implemented to great effect.

Rob started out in the financial services Rob was working initially in finance, but he told me at Sarah Staar’s wedding that he wanted to have more freedom in his career choice. He used affiliate marketing as his model because of the low start-up costs. Now he’s more famous for his membership site- gain higher ground. He is more famous probably for his personal approach he really does care about his student’s success



traffic matrix rob cornish Name of the Product: Traffic Matrix 2015

Overall Ranking:10/10 – a no brainer buy

Price:$27.00 One off Price

Owners: Rob Cornish

Traffic Matrix Bonuses: Three Killer Bonuses Guarantee: It does What it Says on the Tin + thirty-day money back guarantee

Support: Yes a rapid response help desk INTRODUCTION

“This is the best traffic course available at an Everyday price″ As a stand-alone product it is the best on the market with the three killer bonuses it really is a no-brainer.

Traffic Matrix

What I like about the product!

1.Ease of Navigation Traffic matrix is a matrix, but if you don’t like to navigate it in this way you can use it as a list. Just a typical example of Rob’s over delivering and understanding of people – we don’t all learn the same way.

2. Several modules are Complete Stand-alone courses The Facebook Advertisement Case study is a classic example! That is so powerful; it is worth the cost of the course on its own

3. Have a Look Under Extras This is another killer bonus which would stand-alone as a course.

3. Rob deals With Aspects of Traffic Usually Ignored. There is a section on media buying within the traffic matrix if you don’t know what that is it is the banners you can purchase on other people’s websites. This market is so huge that it is literally impossible to bump into anybody else, so it’s a very very useful strategy and very cheap. Normally the courses are quite expensive, but Rob includes a complete guide

4.You can dip in and out of the course quickly You don’t have to study it all at once, you can simply read the sections you need when you need them .

What I don’t like about the product!

1. The whole course is so enormous, but it can be intimidating for total newbies to Internet marketing.

WHO IT IS FOR Every Website owner benefits from this program and its simplicity.

Taken as a whole the course is daunting but it is broken down into its component parts. TRAINING/TOOLS OVERVIEW Everything you need to Drive traffic to your website. No one should rely on one traffic source, Because if that dries up then you’re left with nothing.

START + Mindmap -An overview.

Platform Traffic – 3 modules, all with videos. Social Media -2 Stand alone modules. Paid Traffic– 4 modules. Marketing Partners5 modules. PR 2 modules. Content Syndication These three modules are my favorites. There is gold in this section. There is a help desk and I asked a question which was answered within two hours


It’s thorough, complete simple and actionable it works for everyone.

Is your WordPress Blog Safe? Do you need blog defender?

Most people write Internet marketing reviews about products that will make you money, not blog defender. Generally these are of course the best products but there are times when you need WordPress security. The chances are that anybody who has had a blog for over five years, will have had it hacked. The lucky ones will have a backup the unlucky ones will have even had the database destroyed and will never get to use the URL again.

After the first time I was hacked I installed some security plug-ins I really thought that that was job done! Unfortunately wasn’t in the second time I lost I lost four years of work. You may think, well I had backups and I did have, also they were on the same server and when the hackers got into WordPress they deleted these. To cut a long story short I ended up with over 20 security plug-ins!

The frightening thing about hackers is that if they get into your site they can get into your hosting company. Did you know that you can have malware on your site. I certainly didn’t, at least until it happened to me. When this happens they can transplant this malware to your visitors through their browsers so this type of malware just keeps on giving! Last year I have to disable all my e-commerce sites which cost me a fair amount of money because I found out to my cost that these were especially vulnerable to hackers (I wonder why?).

Now unfortunately this situation does get worse the law states that you are responsible for the security of your sites rather than your hosting company. Should you be found responsible to be the root cause of an attack on your hosting company you can be fined very heavily. So this is a compelling reason why you should be wondering “Is your WordPress Blog Safe?, or do you need to buy Blog defender.”

Until a few weeks ago there was no easy cure for all the havoc that can be wreaked by hackers.Matt Garrett who has a solid reputation in the Internet marketing world has brought out a new product which is only $47. Whilst this might seem a hefty whack over the last few weeks I have tested this and it is an extremely robust answer and certainly much cheaper than the 20 odd plugins I bought! It is easy to use and it comes with two cracking bonuses both of which are worth twice the cost of the course.


Blog Defender
Name of the Product: BLOG DEFENDER 2015
Overall Ranking:10/10 – a no brainer buy
Price:$47.00 One off Price
Owners:Matt Garrett
Website: Blog Defender
Bonuses: Two Killer Bonuses
Guarantee: It does What it Says on the Tin + thirty day money back guarantee
Support: Yes a rapid response help desk


“This is the best WordPress security solution on the market in 2015”


As a stand-alone product it is the best on the market with the two killer bonuses it really is a no-brainer.

What I like about the product!

1. Being In control of backups
Backup WordPress using the Premium plugin Backup Buddy. Just by purchasing Blog Defender, you will receive an Unlimited license copy of Backup Buddy worth $150. My Main website took around 10 minutes to install the plugin, create a current backup and schedule a full weekly backup and a daily database backup.

2.IP & User Agent Blacklists
It has the ability to ban IP addresses totally, so someone has attempted to hack into your WordPress account once you can prevent future attacks

3.Scanning & Cleaning Malware
Its not often you think of your blog possibly having malware on it. You are usually concerned about your PC being infected by the latest worm! However if your site does get hacked, it can then be subject to malware. This is a free plugin. However to navigate all the options yourself would be time consuming and laborious trying to think of what everything means Is quite difficult if you don’t have any technical know-how

4. Security Plugin Setup
A lot of these options are obvious, like not having your username be admin, but its reassuring to go through all the steps to be satisfied you are protected.Also if you are new to creating a WordPress blog you may not realise how dangerous it is to have your admin name as admin

5. Hide WordPress
This is an ingenious idea to hide the fact you are using WordPress. If a hacker believes you are not using WP, they will likely move to a different website that is using WP as it will be easier to hack.

6. Lock-down WordPress
I didn’t enable Step Away Mode times as I want to be able to login, yes even at 3am if I want to, however if you have times when you definitely don’t connect to the Internet this is worth using. Plus I could be in different time zones. One of the longest videos in the course is the Google Authenticator setup. This is where you can create a 2 step verification with an app on your phone. So every time you want login to your WP admin, you will have to enter a code provided by Google Authenticator plugin available for Android or iPhone. This step is easy to implement. Using it is not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. So by now you will need to enter a unique username, a captcha to confirm you are not a robot and a code generated from your smartphone.

7. Defend WordPress
Probably the most important part in this section is protecting your site from Brute Force attacks. These are perhaps the single biggest problem for WordPress websites today. This involves changing a couple of settings. Easy and effective.However knowing you are covered security wise from brute force attacks is always good.

8.Setup Hack Watchdogs
This section will monitor your site in advance of any known viruses. You are told where to get a free API key from a website that automatically monitors and scans your site against 30+ malware databases.
{A list of the pros/cons of the product}

What I don’t like about the product!
1. The suggested hosting. This is too much, it is too expensive but if you have not got time to go through all the steps yourself then it is worth it. Simply because the consequences of getting out I just so horrendous


Every WordPress owner benefits from this program and its simplicity. Taken as a whole the course is daunting but it is broken down into over 90 minutes of videos which show you very clearly what steps you need to take. HashCat, Is a piece of software designed to find your passwords, It can make 300,000 guesses at your password every second, so you can imagine how important WordPress security is!


Everything you need to Lockdown and defend your WordPress blog


There is a help desk and I asked a question which was answered within three hours


It is quite rare to find a program that has everything. The only bonus I could possibly give to this product would be PDF versions of the videos. It quite literally does not need any bells and whistles is a complete stand-alone program which does protect your website. If you value your website click here to purchase the product blog defender.

RunClick Webinar Review With Bonus – The Cheapest Webinar Technology

RunClick Webinar Review

Vendor: Walt Bayliss
RunClick Webinar Review With Bonus
Product: RunClick Webinar Software
Launch Date: 2014–08–06
The Sales Funnel
Front End product the runclick webinar plugin is $97 (Multiple site license)
Upsell one $67 to Developers License
Upsell (OTO2) Is a Professionally designed set of landing pages and Webinar presentation pages forRunclick at $97 (or $67 smaller pack)
Recurring Payments One Fee. Lifetime Use.
Niche: WordPress Plugin.
Who can benefit from Runclick Webinar Software. Everyone who wants to increase their profit from webinars.


RunClick Webinar Review With Bonus

RunClick Webinar Software is a self-hosted application in the form of a WP PLUGIN that turns Google Hangouts into your own private webinar service, you can run as often as you want to as many people as you want. Being able to grow your list at the same time, is a great bonus, because it integrates with all the major auto responders. That means with one click when you set up your webinar it will automatically remind all attendees. No need to make a note on your Google calendar to send out a reminder an hour in advance.

Back in the day, when webinar technology first began the conventional webinar software such as Go to meeting was affordable at $97 a month, today it is nearly $500 a month. That effectively puts it out of range of most newbie internet marketers. In fact I know, many professional Internet marketers don’t want to lose $500 a month.

With RunClick Webinar Software, You can use Google Hangouts easily and affordably, because you have absolutely no monthly fees. Another beauty is the fact that you can have unlimited attendees whilst GoToMeeting actually restricts the number to 500. This gives you the opportunity for more Internet marketing  exposure without any hidden extra costs which can only lead to more sales and greater profits. All in all Runclick webinar software is a win-win situation.

Google Hangouts are a real cool place to get your message across. Barrack Obama has been known to use them and if it’s good enough for him as the President of the United States and I guess it’s okay for an Internet marketer as well.


Whats a Google Hangout

A Hangout is a method of getting together with a group of your friends and chatting via messages or video. Without Runclick Webinar plugin though restrictions do apply: for a video Hangout you can connect 10 people and with messaging you can connect up to 100 people inside your Gmail account.

Hangouts on Air is a feature inside of your Google+ account. It allows you to create videos and video chat with people on all of your devices. There are some guidelines you will need to follow
to set this up so you and your friends can use Hangouts together.

When having a conversation in Hangouts the person who is talking will be shown on the screen.When someone new joins in the screen will flip to that person. This makes Hangouts extremely
user friendly and interactive, which is just why they are becoming so popular. Plus the fact that you can use Apps, document sharing, YouTube sharing and screen sharing.

So you can see the benefits of hosting hangouts for your business. one of the benefits of hosting a hangout is when it comes to search engine results.

Remember that Hangouts is a Google innovation and your Hangouts will be viewed kindly by Google. Plus creating videos has been shown to help improve your organic search results.

In addition to this utilizing a Hangout allows you to be creative in new ways and allows you to interact with your customers, regardless of their location. When used correctly Hangouts can
add that personal touch back to your business, this is one thing that can often be lacking for internet based businesses.

You can also embed your Hangout URL on your website. This will help improve your rankings and provides your site with valuable new content on a regular basis.

But Hangouts are missing a few pieces to make them a serious alternative to webinars. That is what RunClick Webinar Software does.

RunClick Webinar Software gives the pieces of the puzzle that are MISSING from Google hangouts to make this a serious player and a viable alternative to Goto Meeting.

Plug ‘N Play simplicity — setup hangouts in 5 steps from your WordPress dashboard.
Provide Full Registration Facility — Hangouts have been missing the ability to set a date and send registrations to the page – capturing leads. (RunClick integrates with major autoresponders instantly too!)
Provide reminder emails — Send emails to registered event attendees – making sure that the people don’t MISS the hangout – getting more people to the event on time.
Allow Registered Leads To Be Exported — One click into csv files
Maintain complete BRANDING Control — This is massive – because RunClick embeds the hangout into YOUR site, the person is watching via youtube as you live stream the event, but the branding is all controlled by the site. (huge!!)
Follow Up Email System Built In — After the event, send people automatic thank you emails and links to the replay (automatically done by youtube)

Click Here See RunClick Webinar Software in action

Everyone Around the Same Table, Even If They’re 1000s of Miles Apart

Get the brightest minds in your business together. It doesn’t matter if they’re in different offices or even different countries – you can meet up as easily as if they were in the next room.
More Runclick Webinar Software Features :

Easy organisation : Set one central point for everyone to confirm their availability and attendance, rather than chasing everyone down via e-mail

Keep everyone on time : When your attendees are in different buildings (or even different timezones) it’s not uncommon for someone to lose track of time. With RunClick, you can set automatic reminders to go out before the meeting to make sure everyone is on-schedule.

Multiple contributors : Get up to 10 people around your virtual table, all able to contribute – no-one’s forced to sit out as a ‘silent partner’.

Attend using any device : You don’t need any special equipment. In fact, Google Hangouts will work on any device – Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone. Your colleagues can attend from anywhere with an internet connection, making it far easier to organise.

Perfect Records : That moment after you’ve delivered a kick-ass presentation and realise you forgot to hit the record button…With RunClick, that never happens. Your presentations are always recorded, every time.

Easy circulation : With RunClick’s simple e-mail export, you can easily send minutes and any documents to all attendees, so no-one’s ever left out
Why should you buy RunClick Webinar Software here ?

There are thousands of people promoting this product as it is a good one. You will definitely see a lot of reviews about it too. But, I am doing differently as I will provide you both honest reviews and an exclusive bonus if you buy it here via my link.

Why my bonus is exclusive? All of my bonus products are usable, workable and I am using them now. You will own MRR for all of these bonus products. That means, you can use it for your own purposes, at the same time, you can also resell them for profits. That is somewhat exclusive too. The bonus package is worth over $500+..
Time for Your turn

Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about RunClick Webinar Software and its benefits. The most important thing of all, RunClick Webinar Software has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this plugin

Summary of RunClick Webinar

Unlimited Webinars!Present More – Profit More. More contact with more people is more money in your bank account. Right?
Unlimited Attendees!NO LIMITS On The Number Of People You Can Sell To!
EverGreen Presentations!Drop in ANY Pre-Recorded presentation And Run An Evergreen Funnel
Autoresponder Integration & Built In Lead Capture!As well as integrating the best Autoresponders available. RunClick has it’s own built in lead capture and follow up system
No Expensive Monthly Fees. Ever:One-Time-Only Low Cost Fee

Ready to take the plunge and catapult your social presence click here, and then CLAIM YOUR BONUS A free report informing you how to capitalise on Google hangouts and drive your business forward .