The Benefits of an Affiliate Network

Once you begin affiliate marketing you’ll discover that finding new programs to join can become quite time consuming. Using an affiliate network provides many benefits and can help save time spent comparing and looking for new affiliate programs.

An affiliate network serves as a main contact between merchants and affiliates.  The affiliate network hosts a site where numerous merchants are connected with affiliates who then apply to programs.  When sales are made, the affiliate network handles all of the details regarding stats and payments.  It makes it much simpler when affiliates can manage all of their programs from one convenient location.

By using an affiliate network you can easily track the stats of your affiliate programs.  Some webmasters have hundreds of various niche websites and blogs that they monitor and an affiliate network enables them to easily view those stats and track earnings on demand.  An affiliate network will also provide a wide variety of creative marketing tools that you can use for promoting your affiliate programs as well.

It’s important to take full advantage of the services that the affiliate network provides.  By monitoring your daily stats, you can gain an idea of which advertisement method is most effective and choose various ad placements for your sites and blogs accordingly.  You can choose from text ads, banner ads, and image ads of various sizes.  Through experimentation you can determine which ads are most effective and returns the best results.

If you choose to use PPC advertising for your affiliate programs, you’ll need to read through the terms of the affiliate program you join.  Each program has different terms and some programs have specific requirements for those who use PPC advertising.  By using affiliate networks and reading through the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you can ensure that you are taking great steps to become a successful Internet marketer.

Joining Affiliate Programs

When joining affiliate programs it’s important to determine who the visitors to your site are.  Affiliate programs are targeted towards a certain market, and if you choose programs that aren’t rightly aligned for your audience, you’ll never make the commissions you intended.

When choosing affiliate programs you’ll need to invest in plenty of research.  Considering your target audience’s needs is the primary focus for ensuring that they will find the program appealing and be enticed to click through and make a purchase.

Before joining an affiliate program, review the site.  It’s important to remember that since you are referring your customer to the merchant’s site that you are recommending that merchant as an honest and reputable business partner.  Your customer’s trust that you are referring them to legitimate businesses.  Take the time to review the merchant’s website.  Preview the design of the site, the layout, their ordering policies, and check their history to make sure they are an upstanding businesses.  Choose affiliate programs that you would buy products from yourself.

Determine how the affiliate program interacts with their associates.  Do they have a person that you may contact should you have any affiliate marketing questions?  Reputable companies provide a marketing professional with whom you can interact, send Emails to, and discuss marketing strategies with.  It is important to associate yourself with companies that understand the importance of the merchant/affiliate relationship and take that relationship seriously.

Preview the types of marketing materials they make readily available when making your decision.  Do they use banner ads, text links, HTML code for newsletters, and do they have a wide variety of graphic ads?  Also, make sure that they frequently update their ads as well.  If they are still running Christmas ads in July, they might have difficulty managing their affiliate marketing department.

Always read through and understand the terms of payment to ensure that you choose marketing programs that are best suited for your needs.  Every associate program offers its own payment structure and terms.  Determine how you will be paid, as some programs pay on a weekly basis, while others pay on a monthly basis after you reach a set threshold.  By taking these factors into consideration, you can make certain that you select the best affiliate programs for your needs.